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Our Process

Phase I 

§  Initial Interview to Determine Pre-Qualification Status, Wants and Needs for New Home, Floor Plan Design, Lot Selection, Realtor Registration.

§  Review of Standard Features, Preliminary Upgrades, and Special Customer Choices.

§  Preliminary Price Quote

Homesite Reservation - Lot Hold Deposit - $5,000

§  Review Contract, Warranty, Change Order Policies, Deposits, and Financing Arrangements (Pre-Approval Required)

§  Finalize All Plan Designs, Contracts, Warranties, Deposits and Financing – Customer and Builder will Sign-Off on all Documents.

First Customer Deposit Due Upon Contract Signing - $10,000

(Lot Hold Deposit Will Be Credited To First Deposit)

§  Attorney Approval

§  Mortgage Commitment

Phase II 

§  Builder Submits Plans to Town for Approvals and Obtains Building Permit.

§  Builder Clears Lot and Stakes Site for Placement of Home

§  Pre-Construction Meeting With Customer 

§  Footprint of Home Site on the Lot

§  Final Plans, Standard Features, and Change Orders

§  Window Size and Placement

§  Customer Selections

Ø  Roof and Siding

Ø  Masonry Façade

Ø  Custom Windows and Doors

Ø  Garage Doors

Ø  Exterior Trim 

Phase III 

§  Foundation Process and Install all Underground Utilities

Second Customer Deposit Due Upon Completion of Foundation

§  Customer Selections:

Ø  Plumbing Fixtures

Ø  Appliances

Ø  Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Vanities


Phase IV 

§  Construction begins on Framing, Walls, and Roof

Third Customer Deposit Due Upon Completion of Framing and Roof

§  Concrete Floors, Walkways, and Patio Installed

§  Customer Walkthrough for Layout of Electrical, Plumbing, Security System, and any Special Customer Architectural Designs such as Arches, Special Built-In Features, Trim Work, and External Trim Details.

§  Customer Selections:

Ø  Interior Door and Hardware

Ø  Lighting Fixtures

Ø  Ceramic Tile / Granite

Ø  Flooring 

Phase V 

§  Insulate, Sheetrock, Tape, and Paint Sheet-rocked Walls, Trim

§  Install Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry

§  Install Flooring

Fourth Customer Deposit Due Upon Completion of Sheetrock
Fifth Customer Deposit Due Upon Completion of Kitchen

§  Customer Walkthrough:

Ø  Ceramic Tile and Design Details

Ø  Interior Trim Details

Ø  Special Interior Paint Details

Ø  Closet Details

Ø  Bathroom Accessories

Ø  Landscaping Details

Phase VI 

§  Customer’s Final Walkthrough with Builder and Review of Final Upgrade List (Builder explains installed equipment and usage, reviews change orders, and final closing figures)

§  Closing Details

Ø  Proposed Deed to Customer’s Attorney

Ø  Final Survey

Ø  Bank Inspection

Ø  Scheduled Closing Date and Location

§  Customer to Schedule Utility, Phone, Trash Collection, and Cable Hook-Up, and arrange for Security System Monitoring Service, if desired

§  Obtain Final Closing Figures from Customer’s Attorney

Final Payment Due To Builder At Closing

§  Transfer of Title, Certificate of Occupancy, and Keys from Builder to Homeowner  

Welcome To Your New Home! 


Our Customers are always welcome to view construction, however, for your protection and insurance purposes, we ask that our customers do no walk through the property while under construction unless accompanied by a Tralongo Builders Associate.  We appreciate your cooperation.